How to choose the Best Hand Held Mixer for your Kitchen

How-to-choose-a-best-hand-held-mixer-for-your-kitchen?If you want to make the cake, cream, eggs, foam for capuccino should invest a mixer is essential. On the market, there are two types of hand mixer is handheld dough mixer and beat the egg to the table.

The machine has the main function is to mix the flour and eggs is just one stage in the making of the cake on the side that has the kind of cake is not related to the eggs that are merely used to mixer well with other ingredients.

In addition to the function of mixing the flour, whisk air also has guest features cotton fresh creams and do the frosting. If you just baked the cake easily simple type you should just buy the hand held mixer is enough. Here are a few hand held mixer reviews that you should know before choosing a hand held electric mixer fit the needs of your family.

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Characteristics of Hand Held Mixer

+ Hand held mixer type usually has a capacity less than 300W, the desktop usually has larger capacity of 300W. If used in your family can use the hand held mixer also with business purposes you may choose to have the desktop line capacity from 500W.

+ The usual mix will accompany the accessories such as dough hook, wire whip, flat beater. Dough hook often use to mix the special powder detergents, use baking powder as flour, bread, pastry bag. Wire whip stick to cotton eggs, fresh cream, cake gato. Flat beater used to mix the powder density just right such as powdered biscuits, mashed sweet potatoes, mix the cream.

Pros, Cons of Hand Held Mixer

+Advantage: it is the best tool to perform light tasks such as ice cream, whisk, mix the cake flour and mashed potatoes. This hand held mixer type not stuffed bread dough, mix flour biscuits as good as eggs flour mixer to the table. Most of the hand held mixer top performance have the wire beater, works well and is easy to clean. The hand held mixer type has a much cheaper compared to the mixer to the table.

+ Cons: low power, do not mix the bread dough is mixing time, longer. No rack should have to keep the machine on high in the mixing process.

The Speed And Capacity of Hand Held Mixer

+ Speed: a few the mixer on the table have to 16 speed and a few hand held mixer have to 9 speed. However, with our simple cake made just three in speed is enough. The speed as slow as possible because of the slow speed stop raw materials shot out. A few hand held mixer also features a slow startup.

+ Power: the higher the mixer, the mixing of raw materials as easy and fast. Power mixer from 200W to 400W is enough with most of the steps to the mix. If you want to mix the dough for bakery, you can select the hand held mixer has a higher capacity.

How to Use the Hand Held Mixer Effect

+ You should check carefully the Assembly steps before mixing the material. Don’t mix too much can make your fire.

+ Not to air taped water. Make sure your not the electrical plug and adjust the speed level 0 before attaching the mixing stick.

+ Starting speed mix from the lowest level, speed up slowly until the desired speed is reached.

+ When not in use, unplug the power and remove the mixer, wipe the mixer with a soft towel. To dry and give the box to preserve the mixer.


Note When You Choose to Buy the Best Hand Held Mixer

When buying the machine you should: trials run smoothly and without vibration machine. The mix of larger capacity, the more help you shorten the time mixing and power saving as possible for your family.

You should choose the product quality reputation of some famous brand product provides high end kitchen appliances. References some evaluation of who around were using handheld mixer, you will have more accurate information about the type you want to purchase.

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