Today’s another busy day at Simande, so it’s going to have to be another bulleted recap of last night’s exploits.  I think that the pictures do a decent job of walking you through the night though, so hopefully you’ll forgive me for not writing as much as I typically would.

sushiAnyway, here we go:

      • Instead of just being the judges, Paul and Stephan decided to join us in the sushi eating contest that Anne and I had planned for the night.
      • The rules were as follows:
        • Everyone can pick out whatever sushi, rolls, or sashimi that they’d like, but they must grab enough for the other eaters (so in the beginning, everyone has to take 4 pieces).
        • The sushi is then divided to everyone equally.
        • When the first person finishes, that person will hit a timer that will count down from 5 minutes.
        • Anyone who does not finish within that 5 minute window is out.
      • It appeared that Stephan’s tactic in the beginning was to be the absolute slowest eater and to try to take advantage of the 5 minute gap between plates.
      • Stephan made it half-way through his plate in round 3 and called it quits.  He would later come to regret coming in last (see bottom picture).
      • Anne made a respectable attempt to stay in the game towards the end of round 4 (watch the video), but she unfortunately couldn’t eat the last two pieces.
      • The fifth round was just as Paul described it in his blog this morning – brutal.  Paul and I both ended up gagging a bit because of the stupid sea squirt, which is important to note since only one of us was actually able to swallow it.
      • Paul put up a good fight but gave up with 4 pieces left.  That was a shame because I could have gone another 3 rounds.
      • I’m sorry, I just lied to you.  I wanted to die after that fifth plate.
      • About 60 pieces of sushi and 14 hours later, I’m still full.

we kicked the loser to the curb with the trash

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