Q. What camera are you using to take all these pictures?
A. I just use my iPhone, which explains the sometimes poor quality and lack of zooming.

Q. I thought you were only posting things that cost over $1.  What’s with the posting of food that cost $0.00?
A. There are no definitive rules for what I should or should not post.  I plan on posting whatever I eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner regardless of how much it costs.  Just for kicks, I’ll probably post up other random pictures that have food in them too.  A stale blog is a boring blog.

Q. What’s with all the round numbers for the costs?
A. Those numbers are most likely the result of the inclusion of tax and tip.

Q. Oh man, this site is awesome.  Is there was a way I could show much I love this thing?
A. Not a problem. Become a fan here on facebook.