Lunch was fun yesterday.  North Korea was playing Brazil in the afternoon, and we decided to try to track down a bar that was playing the game.  Outside of the bar we ended up going to, Brinkleys, was a sign that I thought was hilarious, so I obviously had to take a picture.  The best part was that at the bar in typical American fashion everyone was cheering for the underdog North Koreans, which made for a rowdy crowd when they scored.

brinkleys-nycJust an FYI – I will be flying out of JFK tomorrow for Korea, so my blog updates will be a little delayed.


Brinkley’s Pub & Kitchen on Broome Street in NYC


North Koreans drink for free!


grass fed hamburger at Brinkley’s in New York City

Brinkley’s Pub & Kitchen
406 Broome Street
New York, NY 10003


Dear Internet:

Since Matt’s been sucking at blogging lately and also because he has a headache right now, I’ve decided to step in and illustrate how to make watermelon vodka.

Step 1 – You cut a hole in the box

watermelon-keg  Step 2 – Just kidding, you buy a small watermelon and some vodka.  Usually for drinking I’d recommend the good stuff (I love name dropping vodkas) – Potocki, Jewel of Russia, Youri Dolgoruki, or Chopin, but for watermeloning, I’d stick with some good ‘ol Stoli.  For our lesson today we’ve gone with The Russian Standard.  Just like you probably shouldn’t buy sushi from a Chinese guy or French food from a Greek diner, make sure to buy your vodka from Poland or Russia.

Step 3 – Remove the cap off the vodka and trace a hole in the watermelon.

Step 4 – Cut out the hole.  It’ll look kinda… anatomic.  You know like a goat, see.


Step 5 – Stick a small spoon or fork inside and scoop out as much and as deeply as you can.  Eat the watermelon as you scoop it out.  A high five goes to whoever can name all the alcohol on the counter.


watermelon-keg-step6Step 6 – Tilt the watermelon a little bit and in one fluid motion, jam the vodka bottle into the watermelon and keep it upright.  If you want to be really pretentious, write “ART” on your watermelon with a Sharpie.


watermelon-keg-stepStep 7 – Wait 24 hours.  The watermelon will have absorbed most of the vodka.  Take out the bottle, take the watermelon to your nearest alcohol prohibited public park, and enjoy.

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