All about Hardwood floor

Before installing hardwood floor, you are required to have profound search of Hardwood floor process. The useful information will allow you to have great achievement and make your floor good-looking with hardwood flooring. So what do you have to take care of and prepare for? Just take some minutes and see how we are useful for you.


Which kind of hardwood flooring you should choose?

In fact, there are two main kinds of wood flooring including engineered and solid wood floor. If you intend to install the floor yourself, engineered-wood flooring is better selected because it is available and ready to be installed. You do not have to take any actions like sanding or finishing it. Engineered hardwood floor stands for prefinished type, allowing you to avoid moisture and humidity as well, especially in harsh condition.

For the latter, in case you want to have its flexibility and convenience to warp, twist and expand as you want. Solid wood flooring is used for most of unfinished, helping you install through the floor and save much cost. When you start with your flooring, it should be a wise idea.

What you need to prepare for Hardwood Flooring?

If you have careful preparation, it will help you reduce the cost for home improvement but still ensure a quality and proper result. At first, it is necessary to make your new wood flooring clean, smooth on structurally sound base. You also had better to have the floor covering by a new plywood subfloor or a moisture-proofed concrete slab to protect the floor for a longer time.

Sometimes, you must remove the old flooring to install wood over it. You could gain instant soundproofing and insulation from the old floor. And the trouble appearing here is that you must correct all irregularities in it. Thus, to install over the old flooring, you should remove doors and base shoe molding.

It is also essential to check the room that you add hardwood floor into. You have to make sure that the usage and condition of the room do not have any negative effects on the flooring during installation. Have proper preparation techniques depends on the type of flooring that you selected.

We should have subfloor and concrete slab for Hardwood flooring

The answer must be Absolutely. The subfloor is wood-framed and surfaced with plywood for your wood flooring. You need to have it clean, dry, flat and clear of any surface bumps and fasteners. The standard height of it is 18 inches with 1.5 square feet, allowing you to protect ground from moisture and humidity from rising up into the room. Also, any negative impact on flooring is also eliminated.

How about the Concrete Slab? It is installed for wood flooring in the condition tested at least 60 days old, dry and professionally moisture. This is also required to be clean for complete installation, preparation.

Profound protection of Hardwood flooring

When installing the hardwood floor for your house, you must consider the conditions of your home. Please ensure that the condition is ready for installing hardwood flooring before the material is delivered. During the process, physical damages is easy to appear so it must goes in after all complete construction and installation of any fixes not sitting on top of it.

The moisture and humidity problems arise when you use hardwood flooring. You have to be aware of the house’s condition to have wood flooring adjusted to the normal humidity level before taking the process. It is necessary to prevent expansion and contraction that can spoil your endeavor. So, you should remove packaging and stack the wood for several days in the room where it is likely to be installed.

When finishing the installation, it is also to consider how to clean your hardwood flooring daily or weekly. Actually, you find it very simple to get it because there are many kinds of vacuum cleaners for hardwood flooring. This kind of materials for floor becomes the latest trend and you are able to own the best vacuum for hardwood floors at your most convenience. This could help you clean your floor in dry conditions, preventing floor moisture and humidity or even scratches.


How to install a wood floor after carefully preparation

4The first step is to dry fit five or six rows of flooring, sorting and positioning the boards in the rows. The process must be in the right way for a pleasing appearance of your wood floor. Please do not forget to stagger and joint at least 7 inches. Also, in the end of each row, you should cut boards to fit the floor and the pull flooring from some different packages to mix up various wood colors and gains. Afterwards, start with the second row and begin the process of blind-nailing with a pneumatic floor nailed. The installation must be progressed in the right way. During the time of doing that, your wood boars should be kept clean and dry. It is because after installation, that your hardwood flooring’s lifetime is longer or not depends on how you keep wood boards.

Above mentions are not totally full for you to have good installation and nice job with your hardwood flooring. However, some notices from that must be helpful for you to have profound awareness of how to install and prepare to do job with your hardwood flooring.

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Food blogging – career for passion

Now food is not just a term to describe what we eat, it is an art, for earning living and so much more than that. People are crazy about this topic. It also creates what we knew today as food blogger, a career for people who love to cook and share. Food blogging contains wide range of category from cooking tips, restaurant review to photography. Each of these components creates a great food blog.


You may think that a blogger needs to good at writing and food blogger must also have great taste for reviewing and writing what the food tastes like for reader.  However, this is not true. Many famous food blogger out there is writing their own blogs from zero, which means they are just an amateur food blogger at the first place. They read and search for information to help them improve their writing. They learn how to take photo and set lights. They learn every single things to improve their blog, so that they can show their passion and interests for food to the others.

Normally, food bloggers make a plan for what they will eat on that day, sometimes for a whole week. For this type of blog, they will cook by themselves and take photo. They spend a lot of money on pottery and kitchen warehouse because of the visual effect. Some even have a food studio, which includes light setting, background and table setting. Since light setting is quite expensive for beginners, starter food bloggers use natural light for their photo. However, a lot of readers prefer this light than artificial light. The following picture is quite described how a food studio looks like.

Next, other food bloggers are to review restaurant, café, coffee shop and street food. Their photography is based on natural light more often than setting, and the places’ lights. They not only write review about the food but also tell the places’ stories. If they often visit that place, they write about how they feel connected with that place. If they are good enough, they even have an interview with the owner or chef. Pros and cons are two main parts of their blog article.

Review will help people to choose the restaurants or café when they need ideas for today’s menu. This food bloggers also travel a lot to create the variety of food and places for their blogs. The more diverse the blog is, the more subscribe and traffic they will get.

All of the above type can help you to earn money, from advertisement most of the time. For people who cook themselves, they write down the ingredients they use in the recipe, thus they can add in the brand name. If you are a famous blogger or you have a high number of subscribers, the brand will ask you to make a series of recipes which involve their products in them.

The other type is much harder to earn money than the first one. If you have a lot of subscribers which means people trust your review, then some restaurants and café will pay for a PR article on your blog and publish it on local article. Some write good enough to make it become a portfolio and then they move to write for a press or newspaper.

If you are a beginner, spend more time to search what you need basically as a food blogger. Firstly, pick one of the above types, and then information searching process will be much easier for you. Passion is always needed for you to become a great food blogger, passion for food and passion for sharing. You may be not good at writing, just use normal words to describe how you feel about food. That is what motivates you the most – passion.


Some Japanese romantic comic book that you should have in your collection

Japanese Comic books are very famous in the world. Besides funny comic books , readers all over the world are attracted by romantic ones.
Beside a fan of foods,I am also a fan of Japanese comic book and in this post I want to share with you some romantic comic book that I have read. Just add them into your collections to read when you have free time especially on special occasion such as valentine day.

1. Full moon wo sagashite



This book revolves around an orphan girl named Kouyama Mitsuki who wishes to be a singer. However she suffers from throat cancer which prevents her from making her dream becometrue.
Everything seems to be impossible until one day, she met two Shinigami (death god) who told her that she has only 1 year left to live. This urges her to overcome all difficulties to follow her dream.
It is two Shinigani whose name are Sakurai Eichi and Takuto Kira that help Mitsuki a lot so that she can continue her career as a singer. She loves Sakurai Eichi who used to be her friend when she was in the orphange.
I really admire Kouyama Mitsuki because she has a very strong will. She gives me a lesson that is never give up when facing to difficulties. The romantic love of Kouyama Mitsuki and Eichi is also admirable. Love can give people strength to do anything!

2. Hibi Chouchou


This is a romantic and funny comic book written by Morishita Suu. This comic is about the daily life of school boys and school girls with concern about friendship, love. The centre of attention is Suiren Shibazeki – an innocent, shy with boys yet very beautiful. A lot of school boys pays attention to her.
However there is one boy who is not attracted by Shibazeki’s beauty, his name is Kouha. Kouha is a strong man but he is shy with girls. He does not care much about Shibazeki but love bloomed between the two of them when they have chance to talk and contact to each other.
I love this comic book most because it describes the daily life of school boys and girl truthfully. The writer seem to understand the psychology of teenagers. When reading this comic book, I am reminded of my childhood when I go to school.

3. Nodame Cantabilen

This comic book revolves around two main characters who have contrasting personalities. They are Noda Megumi (Nodame) and Shinichi Chiaki. They are genius of a famous music academy named Momogaoka.
Nodame is a talented piano student of this academy however she always wishes to be a pre-school teacher. While Chiaki always wants to be a conductor. They met each other and helped each other to follow their dream.
When you read this comic book you will feel a romantic, pure and beautiful love going through the book. They have such a beautiful love that many people have to admire. There is no argument, no sulkiness and no jealousy in their love.
What I admire most in this comic book is also their love. However it is not the appearance of love that I admire. They show me a very different definition of love. Love means helping each other better.

4. Hana-Kimi


This is a famous comic book written by Hisaya Nakajo. The main character of this comic book is Ashiya Mizuki, a Japanese girl living in America. She admires a high-jump athlete named Sano Izumi a lot when she watches a sport programme.
One day they accidentally met each other when Nakajo was caught by hooligans and Izumi rescused her. Unfortunately Izumi injured and he did not participate in high-jump any longer. Nakajo thinks that it is her fault for making Izumi stop playing high-jump so she decides to go to Japan to persuade Izumi.
Their love grow since Nakajo became a student of Izumi’s school. This is a romantic love story for school-age children. Their love is not purely love as other couple because besides love, they care, encourage and help each other so that both of them become better. This is what I really love when I read comic book about love of school child.

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Above are just four remarkable romantic comic book that I think you should read. There are a lot of wonderful romantic comic book that you shoud add to your collection.



I thought I’d write up a quick post to show that this blog isn’t dead… at least not yet.

The pictures of the food are from an awesome lunch that I had last month with Amy and Ryan at The Adore near Union Square.  I didn’t take any pictures of us while there, so I just stuck in some random pictures of us.

Order of awesomeness:  Hanging out with Amy & Ryan > Duck Sandwich > Fruit Tarts

If you have the chance, go there for lunch and sit by the window.






I was clicking through the Lunch Studio blog the other day and came across their Parisi Bakery post, which featured this ridiculously awesome looking sandwich.  Needless to say, after seeing that I decided that I needed to go there for lunch.

A quick read through of the Interwebs and a few Foursquare tips will tell you that Parisi’s is known for two things: their sandwiches and their long lines.  I’ve been there twice now, and I can vouch that both their sandwiches are fantastic and that their lines do indeed require some patience.

If you’re in the area, however, you should make it a point to stop by Parisi’s Bakery.  As Lunch Studio mentions in their post, you will not be disappointed


Parisi Bakery
198 Mott Street
New York, NY 10012-4509
(212) 226-6378


I quickly realized after moving into my relatively new apartment on 53rd Street that the only restaurant in the area that consistently has a waiting line outside of it every night is Totto Ramen.  That being said, it took me almost 2 months to actually go in there and try out the ramen.  I’m not exactly the biggest fan of waiting in lines, but it also actually took that long for us to be able to simply walk into Totto Ramen and get a table.  So I guess the question then becomes… in the future, is the wait justified?

After seeing a disappointing performance at UCB Theatre with Anne and Paul, we decided that it was finally time to eat at Totto Ramen.  As you can see in the picture below, I decided to order the Totto Miso Ramen.  I can now say with complete certainty that it is worth the wait at Totto Ramen.  I’m not sure what this says about the ramen, but I think that I ate the entire bowl in like less than three minutes.  My favorite part was the broth though, as it somehow managed to be very flavorful and yet light at the same time.

I hear good things about Ippudo in the east village, so I think that will be my next ramen stop.  Any others in the City that I NEED to go to?

About taste foods, love it!!




Totto Ramen
366 W 52nd St
(between 8th Ave & 9th Ave)
New York, NY 10019
(212) 582-0052


Genna was kind enough to invite me to the opening launch party for the new brgr on the upper east side that her company, Channel V Media, was organizing.  Okay, maybe it was more like I got an email from Genna saying,“Can you please come and blog about it?  PLEASE?!?! …  There will be free burgers, fries, shakes, beer, wine and cookies.”

Free burgers, fries, shakes, beer, wine, and cookies???  I guess I’ll go, if I have to… the things I do for Genna.

The event ended up being was quite fun.  Got to meet some interesting people, which includes finally getting to meet the food blogger Miss Tiffie and her boyfriend.  The heads of brgr, US Wellness Meats, and Ronnybrook Farm all spoke and hung out all night.  The food was definitely right on as well.  Favorite new milkshake is the blueberry-pomegranate.  Favorite new burger is the blue sky brgr.  Favorite new cow is grass-fed.

Thinking we should arrange a burger crawl around NYC.  Maybe get 4 people together and just cut it into quarters at each place?  Based on the White Castle contest, that means we can hit up 18 burger joints all in one day.





brgr Upper East Side
1026 3rd Avenue
(btw 60th and 61st)
New York, NY 10065
(212) 588-0080